What To Do When You Mess Up


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So just as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, now God’s wonderful grace rules instead, giving us right standing with God and resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. – (Romans 5:21)

There is a game I like to play with my granddaughters that I call Squiggles. I will tell them, “Just put down anything you want on a piece of paper. Make any line—just a little drawing. I don’t want it to be anything.”

So they will draw some crazy little lines. Then I will take their squiggles, their lines on paper with no rhyme or reason, and I will turn them into something. Usually it’s a funny face or a character.

In a much greater way, God can do the same for you. Maybe you have messed up. Maybe you have made a mistake and have done a wrong thing. Guess what? We serve the God of second chances. So you can come to Him and say, “Lord, I have really messed up. Can you help?”

His answer is yes. God will come and redeem the mistakes we have made.

Even Christians can wander away from the Lord. Even Christians can make bad decisions and do really bad things. We are effectively capable of doing anything, even as followers of Jesus, because we still have free wills and old natures. However, if you are a true Christian, even when you have blown it or gone astray, you always will come home again.

Hopefully you will learn from your mistakes. Hopefully you will not go and repeat them again. Hopefully you can fail forward, which means learning from your mistakes, determining to live a more godly life, and helping others not to fall in the same area.

The good news is that God can forgive you and give you a second chance. He will complete the work that He has begun in you (see Philippians 1:6). So even if you have messed up, God still can turn it around.

The Little Intimidator

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He is a creature, not the Creator. He is intelligent and cunning, not all knowing and all powerful. But he doesn’t mind if you think he’s mighty. It is fine by him if you equate him with God. If you think that the “dark side” is equal in power to the power of the heavenly hosts, he thinks that’s excellent.

The Bible describes him as being like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Another image of him is that of a scary dragon. But even then we are reassured that the dragon is defeated.

He is not the ruler of hell. He is doomed to be tormented in hell. He is the tempter, but with our fallen nature we are tempted to pull away from dependence upon God all by ourselves. He is most often referred to in the Bible as the accuser. As much as we might picture him whispering juicy temptations into our ears, it might be more accurate to think of him pointing out to us all of the things we’ve done wrong.

He is defeated. He is able to be defeated. But in order to conquer him, we must engage him. We must acknowledge him as our opposition. The Bible tells us that we can command him to get behind us. We also know that when we praise our God, our enemy must flee. He would rather we stayed quiet. He would rather that we did not engage the fight. But I choose to shout “Hallelujah!” I choose to give all praise to Jesus. I love to see the dragon tuck tail and run, not because I am great, but because the God I serve is great.

The devil is a liar. But he has no hold on me. He still rages like a wounded dog, but don’t be intimidated. Jesus has already won the battle over this little intimidator.