Spiritual Warfare – Part 1


Have you ever used this one: “The devil made me do it”? If we are honest, many of us have, even if we were half joking.

But did he? Did the devil make you do whatever it is?

In a day when, on one hand, science often dismisses the supernatural altogether and, on the other, cultural pluralism tells us that all spirituality is equally desirable, it is hard to find anyone who believes in the reality of the spiritual world and evil.

Anyone who opens the Bible with any integrity must admit that it is a book that consistently presents a worldview in which there is a very real war with the real God and his holy angels versus the fallen angel Satan and unholy demons. Sinners, including you and me, are taken as captives in this war (e.g. Col. 1:13; 2 Tim. 2:25–26).

Admittedly, this area of Bible study, often called spiritual warfare, is incredibly controversial. But, it is also incredibly vital.

Read more at Mars Hill Church


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