You Only Need to Get One Thing Right

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Reposted from Brad Schmiling

I had a recent conversation with someone that we are fortunate to have on our staff. She was contemplating a big life decision; one of which I am unaware. As she was searching for clarity on the issue, we started to talk about how our faith entered into the equation.

In that moment, my mind did not go to any “five-step” plan or “top 8 things to consider” list. Though I read advice given by others via action plans all of the time. I like to think that I think through those kind of details. Truth is, all of that thinking wears me out. I could see it was wearing her out too.

If you’re not a Christian, feel free to stop reading now because you’re not going to agree with me anyway. If you profess to be a follower of Jesus, then you only have to get one thing right. From what I can tell, and perhaps I am wrong on this, there really is only one thing that we can do that actually pleases God. There is only one thing that we have to get right. There is one major factor for us to put front and center. The rest of the stuff, even if we get it 100% right, just doesn’t cut it.

I know that it pains Him to see me struggle through depressions and guilt. He wishes I wouldn’t feel agony over what I think that I should or shouldn’t be doing to produce fruit in His kingdom. I make it SO complicated because I don’t get just that one thing right. What I really mess up is to think that I am the one that can produce good fruit. I am simply the cordon. The cordon on a grape vine is what might be called the “branch” by Jesus. He’s the vine. I’m the cordon. He produces the good fruit (grapes) through me. If I don’t allow it, then I am cut off and thrown in the fire along with all of the other branches that are “dead”. If I don’t get that one thing right, he cannot produce fruit through me.

So often we overlook the one obvious thing that was pointed out to us right up front. We don’t catch it because we’re so busy playing detective; we so busy figuring out the details that never really add up anyways. We’re racing to the next thing. We jump right past the one thing that is the only thing that counts. Then, sadly, that becomes our life. Our life that is so full that it’s empty.

Jesus doesn’t need anyone else to prove to him that you exist. That you are important. That you are loved so deeply. He’s sure of himself and His feelings for you. He asks you to do the same; He asks you to be sure of Him. He is looking for one thing from you. The one thing that you have to get right. The one thing that can be as small as a mustard seed as long as it is there. It is a very clear picture of what He wants from you. Can you see it?


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