Helpless – Putting it in God’s Hands

By Dan Polecheck

Last night, during my weekly card game, a very close friend of mine showed up wanting to talk. He informed me that his son, who happened to be staying with relatives out of town was being rushed to the hospital.

He explained that he had trouble walking and standing at that his speech was slurred. They had called 911 and were transporting him to the hospital to find out what was wrong.

The first text message I received from him after they got to the hospital, which was several hours away was that preliminary diagnosis was that he had suffered a stroke. Please bear in mind that his son is only 13 years old and was born with a heart defect.

I called every prayer chain that I could think of, except the ones I was pretty sure hadn’t been called already by the father. And I prayed myself. I spent most of the evening last night, sleepless, feeling completely helpless.

“What else can I do?” I asked myself. I could come up with nothing, except to put it in God’s hands.

I received another text explaining that he was in imaging so the doctors could plan their attack. I pray for wisdom for the doctors again placing this whole situation in God’s hands.

I just received another text message, from the father that his son had dodged a bullet. That it could have been a major stroke…the blood flow had been totally blocked on the right side of his brain. The doctors are going to take him off the breathing tube this afternoon and start assessing the damage after he wakes up.

I would like to ask my readers to please pray for him, his name is Tommy, and his family. Please put it in God’s hands so that His will can done.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Helpless – Putting it in God’s Hands

  1. Yes, please let them know that so many are lifting them up in prayer. God is so good. One of His Best things is when the Comforter draws close… as happens in moments like this. Peace to this family! Grace to all and wisdom/discernment to the fabulous professionals caring for this young man.


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