Our Rock


Reposted from The Life Project

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8

The modern world is like a stormy sea, churning, boiling, ever-changing. In my lifetime it has changed many times over, and to be honest the world of now has little resemblance to the one I grew up in. Families are breaking up, institutions have been discredited and nobody can tell what the economy will be like in six months… the news is usually bad.

People usually want to find stability in life; something they can count on. Anxiety results when everything is changing and unpredictable. The polls tell us that the people are becoming restless and very unhappy with their leaders…

Now, more than ever Jesus provides us with what we so desperately need: Love that we can depend on, values that really mean something, a role model without a scandal, a safe harbor in troubled times.

Grab hold of Jesus! He is our Rock, our Salvation, our anchor!


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