Getting Out of the Boat


Reposted from Five Feet Twenty

Recently, a doctor and his wife shared a bit of their story at our church. They were not an ordinary family as they had decided 10 years ago to serve the people of Haiti as missionaries.

Our pastor asked the doctor about this decision and he said that he and his wife both felt called to do this. He further said that this does not mean that anyone else in attendance is called to Haiti. Each of us is called to something unique and it could be something in our own backyard.

When asked about leaving behind the opportunity to earn lots of money in the US, he said something very interesting, “It wasn’t until we left our ‘security’ that we felt much less stress in our lives.”


I have gotten this wrong much of my life by trying to protect those things that I felt brought me security…my home, by bank accounts, my stuff. However, I learned that the more stuff I collected, the harder it was to protect it and the more stress I had in my life. Life wasn’t supposed to work this way, or so I thought.

I am learning now that what this doctor said is true. When we are doing what God has called us to do, even if scary, He brings us a level of peace which cannot be explained. And, He will give us great fulfillment as well.

Many of us are in the boat of life and Jesus is calling to us as He did to Peter. Most of us think, like the other disciples, that the boat is the less stressful and safer place. However, the safest place is out of the boat, on the wind-swept waves, because that’s where Jesus is. It won’t necessarily be easy, but it is there that we can experience peace in the midst of the storm and be fulfilled beyond what we thought was possible.


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