Is A Sinless Life Possible?

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thechris_martin_1401985183_3My quick, simple answer to this question is, yes. I believe it’s entirely possible.

But Chris, we’re only human. Well, we are, but that can’t be an excuse.

While on the earth, Jesus was a human man, filled with the Holy Spirit, and in constant communion with the Father. His flesh, His self, was completely and utterly submitted to the Spirit. He was love personified, and walked in absolute righteousness. I believe He chose to endure the entire birthing process as a human to show us that it’s possible to live exactly how He did. After all, He did say to follow Him. If it wasn’t possible, He wouldn’t have said it.

Can you imagine the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords spending nine months inside the womb? He could have easily beamed down to the Cross, allowed Himself to be beaten and hung, and walked out of the tomb three days later. I mean, this is the guy Who spoke, and everything was created. Why would our Creator chose to be human?

He wanted us to know that no matter what we go through, what persecution might come our way, we can face it all without sin. If it isn’t possible to live a sinless life, then His death on that dark day was meaningless. He conquered sin. It no longer has any power over us. Is it present? Of course. Does the enemy try to drag us into his lies? Certainly. But once we become born again, ALL things are new, the old is gone. We inherit a new blood line, free of sin, generational curses, and any baggage left unclaimed in our past.

But something vital has to happen. We can’t just rub a genie in a bottle and, poof, everything is perfect.

They key to living a sinless life is dying to self on a daily basis.

All sin is rooted in self. It started in the Garden when Adam and Eve ate from the tree and fell. To this day, satan still wants us to believe that it’s impossible to walk in righteousness. Well, he’s pretty much a liar, so I don’t care what he says. What else is he going to do? Tell the truth? Um, no.

What happens when we sin? Guilt and condemnation are heaped upon us like coals on a fire. Romans 8:1 is pretty clear when it says:

There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.

“We’re only human. We’re only human.” Why is that the number one justification to sin? If we’re Christians, we aren’t supposed to be living by our human flesh, but by the Spirit. So that excuse is null and void.

And if Jesus already forgave ALL our sins, why do we think we have to grovel on our stomachs, weeping and wailing whenever we do stumble? If bad thoughts enter our mind out of nowhere, we immediately think it’s something inside of us, and we seek prayer, deliverance, or at least counseling. But, it’s coming from the outside, from the one who was already defeated. Yes, we repent and go in the other direction, but we don’t need to accept condemnation and guilt. It can be as simple as saying “Father, I know you didn’t create me to think like that. It isn’t me. I love You so much. Thank you for dying on that Cross for me. Thank you for making it possible to walk in righteousness. I thank you that I no longer live by my flesh, but by the power of Your Holy Spirit.”

If we do that on a continual basis anytime we have bad thoughts, or do something we know is wrong, eventually satan is going to find an easier target. He sits back and laughs when we run around in our guilt and shame. He revels in it. Just the fact that we feel bad means we have a new heart. We could think those things and do those things in the past, and it wouldn’t bother us.

Is a sinless life possible? Yes. God created us in His image, perfect and blameless. Man fell, and sin entered the world. Jesus died to reconcile us back to the Father.

It’s as if we never ate the fruit from that tree.


3 thoughts on “Is A Sinless Life Possible?

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  3. This does have a biblical answer. There’s no need to question. I would challenge you to search it out and see if you came to Bible’s conclusion.
    May you find blessings on your journey.


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