Many times with friend or stranger
with impatience I have erred
by attempting to enlist them
before proving that I cared.

Full of fervor and of zeal,
I took no interest in their plight,
and pressed them for commitment
long before I’d earned the right.

Why am I not growing?
What secret have I missed?
What must I improve
if their will I’m to enlist?

How many have I pushed away
because I took no time
to listen to their dreams
before forcing on them mine?

Other times have I not recognized
one’s emptiness or pains,
and spurred them on for more effort,
focused only on my gain.

Though my call to arms be noble,
even grand beyond compare,
others won’t respond
if, for them, I do not care.

So from now I will correct
my approach and appeal,
halting all pressure,
even tempering my zeal.

With empathy, I will listen,
and resist the urge to speak:
The perspective of another
at all times I will seek.

For when my first concern
is for another point or pain,
’tis then I’ll earn respect
and their trust begin to gain.

Such is the only way
my circle will expand –
I must shine the focus off myself
and on my fellow man.

For ’tis only when another
is convinced that I care,
will they listen with interest
to the words I have to share.

Excerpts from The Proverbs of Leadership

Written by

Stevenson Willis


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