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Happiness in a simple day.

Thank you for reminding me of one of the simples pleasures of my life, the ability to take my next breath…


We take breathing for granted

This morning, I woke up. Not everyone in this world had this privilege. No, today I am still breathing. I get to see the multi-colors of the sunrise, and feel the cool morning breeze across my skin. I am blessed to have this opportunity. We are blessed. We should never take waking up for granted, no matter our situation.

Today we get to join the herd of cars that flood the streets, as we go to work. We get to choose how we interact. Are we forgiving when others are oblivious to those around them? Or, are we polite and courteous? Do we drive in a rush, or are we chillaxed and enjoying the drive? One contains less stress than the other.  When we get to work, do we greet our coworker with a smile, or do we put up the shield and brick wall? Our interaction with others says a lot about who we are…

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