A Prosperous Life

What haven’t you laid aside yet…

Andrew Chalmers

A fulfilled and prosperous life doesn’t come when we try to simply better ourselves or pursue our personal ambitions and dreams. It doesn’t come when we gain more intelligence or strength. It doesn’t arrive when we “arrive”. We don’t reach prosperity when we get a certain amount of money or fame. A prosperous life comes from something much deeper and much different than what many of us are taught growing up.

A self-centered life approach only causes a larger and larger hole in our own souls for more and more. It creates a monster of consumerism and a need for more and more that can never be satisfied. The more goals we reach and things we gain the more we feel like we need. We see this easily illustrated by just reading news articles on entertainment and sports stars. Over and over again we see destroyed marriages, drugs problems and suicides in spite…

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