Every Day


By Dan Polecheck

Listening to the news everyday, it seems to me some of the challenges our world faces seem massive and insurmountable. The hateful acts, so filled with evil are hard for me to comprehend. John F. Kennedy once said, “One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” But, I feel small and powerless to be able to make a difference in this turmoil. In these times I long for Christ to return and make all things new, the new world having no hate, no war, no pain, no injustice.

But as we look at our world today, sometimes we wonder where is God in the midst of all this. How can these things be a part of His plan. Doubt begins to enter the picture.

When Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesians, he reminded them that all things in heaven and earth will be made whole and will become one as they believed in Christ. They were also reminded that they too, are part of God’s plan. They were part of the redeeming work that is to be done in this world.

I may not be able to put an end to all the evil in the world, but I can work towards justice within local government. I can work for equality in my local community. I cannot feed the hungry of the world, but I can help to feed a few at the local food pantry.

I pray every day that the Holy Spirit will empower me to become the person I was created to be, empower me so that I may play my part in His plan.

The Holy Spirit also reminds us of our call as children of God. It works in and through each and every one us who believe to help bring God’s plan into being. Each day we are closer to Christ’s return. Each day we must live out our faith, knowing we each can make a difference in this world for Christ Jesus.


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