Three Reasons to Journal Your Thoughts


Experts say thoughts come into our minds close to 80,000 times a day.

Coupled with everything else we are constantly thinking about, talk about brain overload!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur building a business where your thoughts are inventions, or you’re brainstorming a project you want to make a masterpiece, or perhaps you’re planning a vacation that you want to capture every detail….wherever you are, your thoughts are creations.

Thus, every thought has meaning.

But, in reality, how often do we really stop to “think” about what we are “thinking?” Not just by becoming in-tune with our thoughts but really practice moving these thoughts into creation.

Making one simple change by starting to journal your thoughts will change your world dramatically!

Here are three reasons why you should journal your thoughts:

1. Thoughts are put into action.

There’s something about writing things down that really “puts it out
there!” Maybe it’s our subconscious that says, “Wow, let’s go get after it” or that “it” now becomes a focal point and before you know it, starts to manifest. Thoughts often are indicators of passions, dreams, wishes, and even a glimpse at what life is like when you are living your true passions.

2. Sign of reflection.

Thoughts can reveal some unknown and mysterious things in our lives. When you start to journal your thoughts, you begin to realize AH-HA moments and things you’re facing start to become a bit more clear. These are critical for healing from something in particular, could be relationship weights we carry from one to another, healing from a health issue that’s re-occurring, or things that we just can’t seem to pinpoint. Or, it may even be a connection to something bigger.

Ever hear of Expressive Writing? You say how you feel, how you really
feel (!), or how someone has made you feel, with deep and true expressions. Write it all out. Then tear it up! Ahh, instant relief.

3. Thoughts turn into dreams, goals, and accomplishments.

When you start to journal your thoughts, writing them down at the very
moment they enter your noggin, allows you to act. This puts you one step closer to reaching your dream.

Let me ask, what is your craziest, wildest, out of this world thought,
dream, or goal? Dig deep. What are you thinking at this very moment?

I’ve personally put this into practice where in writing down my thoughts, I’ve been amazed at all of the “silly thoughts” that became memories,
wishes that have come true, and all of the goals I sought that I actually met. If I did not write them down when they first came to mind, there wouldn’t have been that something to work toward, or that something needing to manifest.

Go ahead, grab a notebook, brew a cup of tea, and start writing! You’ll look back in a year with disbelief that they actually came to fruition!



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