What My Faith Means to Me

Words for the Soul

What does your faith in God mean to you?

How do you live out your faith for the world to see?

Everyone will answer that differently; that’s inevitable. 

So let me tell you what my faith means to me.

Faith means turning to God in your biggest triumphs as well as your biggest downfalls and realizing that both extremes are put in your life to teach you different lessons.

Faith means trusting that everything happens for a reason.  Every person you meet has been placed in your life by God to teach you a lesson, break your heart, challenge and push you, give you a reason to smile again, or to bring you closer to Him.  Every battle you face throughout your lifetime is strategically placed to help you grow as a person.  Having faith in His plan for you is essential (but definitely not easy).

Faith is learning to…

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