Total Control


Paraphrased from Quick Rm

Is Jesus in total control of your life today? Does He rule? Do you obey His voice and His word? I ask only because that’s what He asked of me. Is that what He asked of you? As a Christian I must watch myself not to get sidetracked. If so, I need to get back to how I felt after Jesus came into my life and took control. I have seen many who then decided they can now do it themselves. They take back control, sometimes not even knowing that are pushing Jesus out of their lives, thinking He is there the whole time when He is gone because of how they changed.

If you feel like this, I pray for you. Don’t get upset, it happens. Just see it for what it is and make your way back. This is just a word for those who want it. Lord, Bless my friends. I love you.


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