Jesus Loves Me

By Dan Polecheck

Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life. – Jude 1:21

I remember an old dog that I had as a child. His name was Sarge and on cold days, he would move around the yard, trying to find a sunny spot to stretch out on the grass to keep himself in the warmth of the sun.

This reminds me that we must keep ourselves in the love of God. I don’t mean we have to act in some special way to make God love us but it should be our desire to please Him.

Because we are His children we are loved no matter what we do or what we fail to do. We should think about His love and bask in its radiance and warmth just as Sarge basked in the warmth of the sun, all day long.

Nothing should separate us from God’s love. He loved us before we were born, He loves us now and He will love us in the future. This is who we are in Christ; it is what it means to be and who we are as beloved children of God. It is something we should be thinking about throughout our day. But how can we keep this on our minds during our busy days?

Five times in John’s Gospel he described himself as the disciple Jesus loved. Jesus loved His other disciples too, but John reveled in the fact that Jesus loved him!

We can adopt the same theme as John did. Tell yourself, “I am the disciple Jesus loves!” and repeat it to yourselves throughout the day. Or we can sing that familiar children’s song in our hearts, “Jesus loves me, this I know.” We can carry that truth with us throughout the day, and bask in the warmth of His love!

I am so happy that our Father in heaven tells us of His love for us in His Book of Love. There are wonderful things in the Bible for us to read that confirm that Jesus loves me.

Please remember, God loves us not because of who we are, but because of who He is.


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