Don’t Give Up

By Dan Polecheck

don't give up phrase on blackboardIf Satan were a lawyer, he’d have an easy case. “God,” says the liar, suddenly telling the truth, “this one has harbored impure thoughts. This one has even acted upon those thoughts. Here are the recorded, verifiable, certified, and notarized cases of gossip, sexual sin, hatred, bitterness, cheating, lying, coveting, self-smugness, laziness, drunkenness … ”

The list goes on. It gets embarrassingly personal, and horribly public in the courtroom of heaven. And we’re guilty. We stop the speech, step forward and announce it. “God, I know what I’m supposed to do, but I can’t seem to do it. Father, I knew better, and I did wrong. I don’t deserve your mercy, your love, your salvation, I don’t deserve for you to be for me any longer.”

Can I ask you something? What made you think you deserved it in the first place?

God knew about your sin then, and God knows it now. And He is still loves us! Roughly 2,000 years ago, Jesus died for every sin you committed before you accepted him as your Savior. He knew in advance how you’d blow it before you became a Christian. And guess what – Jesus was also well aware that you wouldn’t achieve perfection after you became a believer.

God loves you, despite all that you’ve ever done. Have you come face to face with your sin? Great! If Satan is reminding you, right now, of the sins you’ve committed, it’s possible that he’s trying to get you to quit, to give up hope on a God that loves you, a God that is in your corner. Maybe Satan knows more about your future than you do. Don’t quit! God loves you!


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