Five Reasons Not To Become A Christian

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We live in a very chaotic world. Everywhere you turn, there are new religions popping up. New doctrines entering the church. False prophets rising from the unknown directly into the spotlight. How can we ever know which road to walk? How can we be sure we’re following the truth?

There’s a buffet available, and you have every right to chose what you want. Your choice might come easy, or it may be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever face. Either way, it’s vitally important and could completely change your entire life path.

Let me break it down for you. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t become a Christian.

Reason 1 – You shouldn’t become a Christian just to be granted an escape from this world.

The Gospel is so much more than saying the Sinner’s Prayer (which isn’t even Biblical) and waiting for the holy bus to snatch you up on its way to Heaven. We were placed on this earth for a reason, a purpose. Yes, things are bad. Yes, there is evil running rampant in our society. Yes, it can be frightening at times.

But, we are a light that can penetrate even the darkest night. When things go horribly wrong, we should shine even brighter. There is a hope inside of us that has already overcome everything this world might throw our way. We don’t have to wander around scared, defeated, and terrified of end time predictions.

This isn’t the time to hunker down inside our homes clutching a Bible.

Be a light to everyone you meet. Make every day count. Our time here is short. Let’s make the most of it.

Reason 2 – You shouldn’t become a Christian if you aren’t ready to give up your rights.

This one isn’t easy. Not at all. We are born into this life looking our for ourselves and no one else. It’s all part of being birthed into sin. It’s the very substance of our original DNA. Self. Jesus made it quite clear what it would take to follow Him.

He didn’t say deny the devil. He said deny self, pick up our cross, and follow Him. It’s a matter of first, being born again. Changing out DNA. Renewing our minds. It’s too easy to continue on living by the way that seems right to a man, but it only leads to death. There is so much we think we deserve.

Let’s be honest. If we want what we absolutely deserve, we can just go to Hell.

Jesus came to present a new and living way. But, it takes death first. We die to all the rights we think we have, and raise to life in Him. Our old way of thinking and living should become nothing more than distant memories.

Reason 3 – You shouldn’t become a Christian if you don’t want to endure persecution.

Sooner or later, it’s going to happen. We have yet to see honest-to-God persecution here in this country. Let me assure you, it’s coming. Just because well-known politicians and preachers are constantly crying out about how persecuted we are as Christians here in America, doesn’t make it truth.

They want us to think that gay people and atheists are making it their life mission to destroy us. All that does is propagate the belief that those people are our enemies, when in fact they are not at all. I grow weary of my fellow Believers listening to everything “famous Christians” say, and accept it as the truth.

If you’re truly born again and have the Holy Spirit inside, He will guide you into all truth. Pray and seek the answers for yourself.

We aren’t the victims. According to Christ, we are the victors.

Reason 4 – You shouldn’t become a Christian just to go to church.

A large part of Americanized Christianity is all about bigger and better buildings. More light shows and fog machines. Grander productions on Sunday mornings. We aren’t following a religion or system. We don’t need tradition and entertainment in order to worship.

Go to church. Fellowship with other believers. But, if you leave that building and fight with your spouse, complain about the pastor, criticize the worship team, or make fun of the homeless man sitting in the back pew, you’re doing your children a grave injustice.

You’re teaching them that being a Christian is just going to church, and it’s not right. Living out your faith is a 7 day a week, full contact sport.

Reason 5 – You shouldn’t become a Christian if you can’t love your neighbor.

This is a big one for me. If you’ve followed me for very long here or on social media, you know I preach a message of love. It’s the most important aspect of well, everything.

Since Jesus said all of the old law hangs on two, one of them being love your neighbor, you can bet it’s pretty important. When did neighbor stop including the people we don’t like? When did neighbor stop including someone who might do us harm? When did neighbor stop including those in desperation to find refuge and protection inside our borders?

As Christians. we simply can’t afford to think and act by the way that seems right to a man. Jesus taught a different way. A way that leads to life. Too often, love gets sacrificed in the name of religion and politics.

If our belief system includes shutting people out, being mean to others who believe differently, or makes us vote a certain way, we need to reevaluate Who we’re following.

We follow the way. We follow the truth. We follow life.

We follow a man who modeled the Christian life for us while He was on this earth. We can never forget that.

We follow love.



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