Old Story – New Lesson

Reposted from The Isaiah 53:5 Project

A Christmas Carol has been presented many times in many ways. I look at a story of redemption, because a man who had given up on life, became alive again when he finally discovered he had a second chance. Aren’t we all like this grouchy old man at times? We stumble through life forgetting the important things until it’s too late. We miss so much.

Scrooge was given a quick glimpse at the only people he had social contact with in his dreary life – his nephew and his employee Bob Cratchit, when he was greeted by the Ghost of Christmas Present. Each of them viewed Christmas as a time to give thanks to God for a Savior and enjoy family and friends.

There are those who have no one to share this special holiday time. They are broken in heart, spirit, mind and the true message of Jesus birth. Through that little child lying in a crude feeding trough, was the promise waited for from ancient times. The child would live as an ordinary person – feeling all the same emotions we do – pain, sadness, grief, hunger, thirst – except he was free from sin. God and man in one person – our God and our brother.

How sad it must have been for Scrooge to go through life without any of these things. No matter how meager our circumstances or how dismal our lives; no matter how much wealth we have; if God isn’t there, we will feel the sting of death.

Dear, Lord, You gave everyone a second chance, because you conquered death and the devil. We have life and the hope in a future with you. Help us to spread this wonderful news to a sin sick world. Amen!


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